Monday, February 01, 2016

And Back!!!

So much is/has changed and is afoot. Do to negligence in many way on my part, some parts of life have just flown by. So to enable clearer memories going forward, I am going to try re-starting this blog. Especially for to keep tabs on ELinor and, new to this blog, though 4 years old, Harvey.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

One day...

I may start updating this blog again. In case anyone is wondering, we have moved to Vermont and any family-related blogging that I am doing has been preempted by the blog about that process: Orygone at Blogspot.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The toes have it...

We eat a fair bit of toast around here, and it has become fairly endearing that whenever you say toast to Elinor, she looks down at her feet and grabs her toes.

In other positive news, we moved (down the hall) to an apartment that is approximately a million times better for our psyches than our previous abode. While it is only slightly larger, its layout is such a great improvement we can't believe that we just spent 1.5 years in that dark little box. Like what, you might ask? Well Elinor's room had been the dining area in the kitchen but now, there is a little (teeny) extra room for Elinor and the dining area is separate from the kitchen and larger which means that E still has her own little space and that Caitlin was able to move all of her crafting stuff from her Activspace back to the apartment. Which is better in that: losing Activspace more than covers the rent increase, it's fun to have the craft stuff here and, now that Caitlin is working full time, she never had time to get to the Activspace anyway.... But another great improvement is that we went from 4 windows (all on one side) that faced some trees, which while the trees were nice, it was oh so very dark and now we have have 8 windows (on three sides), so natural light and breeziness are all around! Anyway though, I know, too much detail. And... What about the baby?

There has been lots of good there, too. In the mixed blessing department, since we moved her nightly sleep has dropped from 10-11 hours to about 8-9 hours. But this may be because she usually takes 2 naps a day now! So that is all well and good. Though at 6am when she wakes up, it doesn't always seem that way. She has fully three teeth now, with a fourth one just having peaked out.

She talks on and on, though without any words (well, she does still say "thanks" and she did say "kiss" once). But she understands a fair bit: bottle, kiss, hug, toes, she knows what those mean. And she still practices her dancing all day long, doing some pretty crazy moves. I even witnessed a full-on "two-arm barrel-roll" from the disco dancing days last week. And though she'll dance to any music with a rhythm, the sure ticket to watching her dance is the song that the the plastic "piggy bank" plays, though it works to sing it too. It goes something like:

I'm a piggy bank
with coins big and small
in lots of colors
you can learn them all
we've got red and yellow
we've got orange and blue
what's your favorite color
there're some green ones too!
let's count the coins
from one to ten

(the song continues, but she always starts it over at this point)

That's about all for an update... Well, that and some pictures...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snit for Snot

Yes, Elinor has been a cute little pain these days. We think she is doing some more teething, and with Caitlin working full-time (on a schedule that opposes mine) we don't spend too much time together as a family, so Elinor has all sorts of things to complain about... and complain she does! Loudly. On the good side, she still basically sleeps 10-11 hours through the night and has a nap everyday, so we feel blessed with that! She is getting lots of time with Grandma Ginny, as she watches her three times a week now. It still feels funny to have Elinor with someone aside from Caitlin or I (and my mother keeps getting Elinor those horrible, noise-making plastic toys that she loves so) but it seems to be working out well for everyone.

And on the foot front, walking is her primarily mode of transportation now. Very little crawling is to be seen, she only drops to the floor now when she wants to accentuate her complaining. Hopefully this next tooth/teeth will arrive soon and she can return to the pain free normalcy that we know and love. But she is getting quite good at walking and with her natural freedom from fear and love of people and dogs, we now have to keep an eye out for her just trotting off without telling us...

Speaking of that, on Sunday Elinor went to her first sporting event. A Powell's Books versus Willamette Week softball game. She didn't seem to really get the interest, since there were people and dogs to try and get to, but she kept me on my toes and it was nice to get out so I think we'll start going every week.

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's official!

Elinor can walk now. She walked across about 7 feet of the living room with no help at all yesterday! She still doesn't do much, but there are a few moments each day that she will just trot a few feet. Really quite exciting and fun! What makes things all the more exciting and fun is that now I'm spending more time with her... Caitlin has started working so I get Elinor when I finish work two days a week and the two of us walk home.. And then on Sundays I have her to myself for about eight hours! This week it'll be even more as her mother is working today and every night for the next five days so I'll meet Elinor at work to walk home everyday!

The other exciting thing is that walk home. Yes, it gets a bit much as she fidgits and now weighs over 20 pounds, making it a bit too much of an exercise to carry her for 40 minutes across town, in fact I may switch from carrying her home to using the stroller. But regardless, I think that it is good to get her some outside time, around the people and animals and plants that surround us. Two days last week while walking over the pedestrian part of the Steel Bridge, there were a gaggle of Canadian Geese with a mob of little greenish-yellow goslings down below us on the riverbank! Maybe not as exciting as the Sea Lion that I saw frolicking in the river the week before, but still a fun thing to be able to show little Elinor! And then today, on our stroll back from Whole Foods, we were walking down Flanders, which is a nice little street with lots of flowering bushes, and she was having a grand time brushing her hands across the flowers as we rolled by. Since we aren't fortunate enough to have any sort of yard, I feel very good about any relaxing time that I can get her outside to experience the world.

Monday, April 14, 2008

One big ol' year!

This weekend we celebrated Elinor's first birthday! Due to my silly obligations, we didn't actually celebrate it on Saturday (her birthday) but on Sunday instead. But Sunday was grand! Caitlin covered the key points of the day on her freshly revitalized blog, The Gauge, but I'll hand over my own rendition here.

Caitlin and Mom spent the whole morning preparing all sorts of good food, including two different kinds of cupcakes, both of which were very good (well, too good, actually,... I've had three more today and I can't get the last one out of my mind) and our dear friend Brooke and her wonderful Douglas and Sebastian generously donated their house and yard for the festivities!

They have a wonderful yard (complete with three adorable young chickens milling about) that even had a nice blanket out with a sun umbrella! It was all fun with lots of friends and family, including some that I hadn't seen in a while! After extensive socialization, we sat down for present time, and the blanket in the backyard was perfect for this. Though Elinor still doesn't really understand the opening of presents (and I become a little flustered trying to get her focused on getting them opened one at a time) it all worked out dandy... Aunt Jennifer even gave her a nice wicker chair that she could sit in for present opening time while Sebastian brought her presents to open and even helped her open them, as she's not quite up for that yet. She got all sorts of good stuff: her wicker chair, an xylophone, books, plastic singing/noisemaking things, a metal chicken that moves around and lays eggs, her first "little people", summer outfits, and much much more! Now we'll need to expand her toy storage beyond just the one wicker basket we use at home...

and though I, of course, wasn't planning on giving her any cake-like stuff, she ended up getting to enjoy a birthday cupcake after all! She seemed to like it quite a bit.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excusing myself, and more big news.

Ok, so I'm still not going to get around to making a big post or putting any pictures up today. But... Elinor has finally had her first tooth (or are those teeth) begin to emerge from her gums! Not super visible, but you can certainly feel those little razors peeking out! It's very exciting, though it is causing her occasional pain and a lot of drooling... Also, any minute, her Grandma Mickey will be here from Vermont (Caitlin is at the airport right now), so this will be the quite exciting family time and fun for all of us, as we prepare for Elinor turning one this weekend!

And I will get some pictures up here... This blog certainly doesn't get its fair share of my blogging time, but I'll try to even it out for a bit.